Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy – OD “Knopi Media

Thank you for choosing Knopi Media for your design needs. We strive to provide you with exceptional design services and ensure your satisfaction. Please read our Refund and Returns Policy carefully before making a purchase:

1. Refund Policy for Design Packages:

1.1 Eligibility for Refunds:

  • Refunds are only applicable for design packages purchased from Knopi Media.
  • To be eligible for a refund, you must request it within 15 days of the purchase date.

1.2 Non-Refundable Services:

  • Custom design services, consultation fees, and any work already completed as part of the design project are non-refundable.
  • Once design work has commenced based on the agreed-upon service agreement, refunds will not be issued for the specific project.

1.3 Refund Request Process:

  • To request a refund, you must submit a written request using the contact form on our home page.
  • Clearly state the reason for your refund request and provide any relevant details or feedback.

1.4 Refund Processing:

  • After receiving your refund request, we will review it to determine if it meets the eligibility criteria.
  • If your refund request is approved, we will process the refund using the original payment method within 20 business days.

2. Returns Policy for Design Services:

2.1 Eligibility for Returns:

  • Returns are not applicable for design services provided by Knopi Media, as these services are intangible and not subject to physical returns.

3. Exchanges and Revisions:

3.1 Revision Policy:

  • Our design packages include a specific number of revisions based on the package purchased.
  • If you require additional revisions beyond the package scope, they may incur extra charges.

4. Exceptional Circumstances:

4.1 Client Dissatisfaction:

  • If you are not fully satisfied with our services, we encourage you to communicate your concerns with us. We are committed to resolving any issues to ensure your satisfaction.

4.2 Non-Delivery of Services:

  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to deliver the agreed-upon services, we will offer a full refund.

5. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Refund and Returns Policy, please contact our customer support team using the contact form on the home page. We are here to assist you and provide the best possible design experience.